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Carl Peterson likes what Chiefs are doing with Reid, Dorsey

02/21/2013 12:26 PM

05/16/2014 9:14 PM

Carl Peterson still attends the NFL Scouting Combine, but as the chairman of USA Football and no longer as the president and general manager of the Chiefs.

“I’m not here to see guys run 40-yard dashes in their underwear,” he said. Instead, Peterson is at the combine promoting safety issues for USA Football, which promotes the game on the amateur and youth levels.

Peterson, now four years removed from the Chiefs, still follows the issues. He said he likes the hire of new coach Andy Reid.

“I articulated that to Clark Hunt,” Peterson said. “He knows what he’s doing. He’s a winning football coach. I think it’s a terrific addition, as I do also (general manager) John Dorsey.”

A major dilemma for Reid and Dorsey is to find a quarterback for the Chiefs. There are no star quarterbacks available as Joe Montana was when Peterson and the Chiefs traded for him in 1993. The draft doesn’t hold any can’t miss quarterback prospects.

“It was always my philosophy to get the seasoned veteran quarterback who had been successful and been through it before,” Peterson said. “Any time you draft a quarterback, he’s got a heck of a learning curve to get through, depending where you pick and who’s available. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Andy did that.”

As for what the Chiefs should do with their first-round pick, the first in the draft, Peterson said he would leave that to Reid and Dorsey.

“That’s not my concern anymore,” Peterson said. “I’ll tell you what they ought to do: Take the best player available, the best player you have rated regardless of position.

“It certainly is an important pick. The first-round draft choices are always important but the higher you pick the more important it is. You don’t want to make a mistake because it does reflect on the future of the franchise. A lot of pressure there but I think Andy and John will get it done.”

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