Red Zone

October 14, 2012

Halftime report: Chiefs, Buccaneers

Red Zone

The Chiefs and NFL by beat writer Terez Paylor

TAMPA, Fla. |Three observations from the first half of today’s game between the Chiefs and Tampa Bay. The Buccaneers lead 7-3:

- Stanford Routt’s coverage on Mike Williams’ 62-yard touchdown catch was actually very good. Routt just wasn’t aware of the ball. He didn’t make a play on the pass, while Williams did.

- Brady Quinn isn’t playing a lousy game for the Chiefs in his debut as the starting quarterback. He threw an interception that bounced off the hands of tight end Steve Maneri. But eventually he will have to make some plays for the Chiefs to score some points. Tampa Bay is playing an aggressive defense that is causing a lot of negative plays. Sooner or later the Chiefs will have to hit the Bucs for a big play

- The Chiefs have all these supposed go-to players on offense. But their best offensive player today has been Nate Eachus, the undrafted rookie. Eachus has 14 rushing yards and caught one pass for 19 yards.

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