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July 22, 2014

Jeremy Guthrie apologizes to Danny Valencia for getting him hit with pitch

“Their guy went out and did the right thing, in terms of the way you play the game,” Jeremy Guthrie says after he hit two batters and the White Sox retaliated by hitting Danny Valencia with a pitch. Guthrie, however, apologized to Valencia.

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Jeremy Guthrie apologized to Danny Valencia out on the diamond on Monday night. He apologized to him again inside the Royals dugout. After a 3-1 loss to the White Sox, Valencia sported a reddish bruise on his left hand, and Guthrie continued to lament his role in Valencia’s discomfort.

The situation unfolded in the first two innings. Guthrie opened the door for retaliation when he hit a pair of batters in the bottom of the first. The first collision occurred when Alexei Ramirez lunged over the plate. The second was a fastball Guthrie lost control of, which veered into Conor Gillaspie.

With two outs in the second, Chicago ace Chris Sale exacted revenge. He popped Valencia with a pitch upstairs. From his spot in the dugout, Guthrie understood the retaliation.

“It’s my fault that Danny got hit like that,” Guthrie said. “Their guy went out and did the right thing, in terms of the way you play the game. I wish he would have hit him lower in the body, and not put his hand and face at risk. But at the end of the day, their pitcher did the right thing.”

Umpire Mark Wegner declined to issue a warning. Guthrie commended him for that, which allowed both starters to continue to work inside without fear of ejection.

Valencia, meanwhile, rallied to plate his team’s lone run with a fourth-inning single. An X-ray on his hand was negative. Valencia diagnosed himself with a bone bruise.

“It feels sore,” Valencia said. “It doesn’t feel really good.”


All the Royals needed was “one big hit,” Ned Yost said. They never found one, and they lost to Chris Sale and the White Sox.

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“Pink Rabbits” by The National.

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