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September 1, 2013

The yin and yang of the Royals

Trying to get a bead on the Royals has been tough.

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Im not trying to pile on reliever Aaron Crow, but his outing in the eighth inning of Saturdays game felt like a microcosm of the Royals season.

The Royals coughed up a 2-1 lead thanks to a hit off Kelvin Herreras glove, a bloop single and, of course, Alcides Escobars error.

Still, the game was tied when Crow entered with one out and the bases loaded. He proceeded to strike out Mark DeRosa on three pitches. Thats good.

However, he proceeded to throw seven straight balls and a strike that was called a ball that forced in two runs. Thats bad.

Within a span of three batters we had reason for encouragement and disappointment.

Kind of like this Royals season, no? Getting a read on this team has been like trying to nail jello to the wall.*

*Yeah, yeah, Ive seen it on YouTube, but you get what Im saying.

Just when you think theyre ready to make a playoff push, the Royals slip-up. Write them off and the Royals will rip off a win streak.

To wit: The Royals have a 15-12 record against first-place teams this season: 5-2 vs. Boston, 7-6 vs. Detroit, 2-2 vs. Atlanta, 1-2 vs. Texas. Thats good.

However, they are 13-16 against last-place teams: 4-2 vs. Astros, 7-8 vs. White Sox, 1-2 vs. Marlins, 1-4 vs. Blue Jays. Thats bad.

It all reminds me a scene from The Simpsons.

Here are some other statistically oddities on the season.

With a win today, the Royals would be 35-33 on the road. Their home record? Its 35-33, of course.

They have tossed nine shutouts and been shutout themselves eight times.

The Royals have had a nine-game winning streak and an eight-game losing streak.

Their high-water mark is eight games over .500, while the low point was being nine games under .500.

Its all so similar, the good and the bad. But you know, this certainly is better than almost anything else weve seen from the Royals for last two decades or so, right?

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