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Two minutes with ... Royals catcher George Kottaras

08/09/2013 7:59 AM

08/08/2013 11:55 PM

It’s the second week of August, so (of course) this is the perfect time to introduce a new segment to Ball Star. “Two minutes with” is a quick interview with some of the Royals. We’ll kick it off with catcher George Kottaras.


You were traded from the Brewers to A’s last summer when they made their postseason run. Do you see any comparisons between the A’s and the Royals?


“It was different going to Oakland because I hadn’t really been with the team all year. Just the whole fact of getting down the last two months of the season and you see what you’ve been working for all year. It’s grinding it out, grinding each game out. Trying to do all the little things to win every game we can.”


With the Royals in the postseason hunt, do you take part in scoreboard watching?


“To each their own. Some people do and some people don’t. You can’t control the other team’s winning or losing, but at the same time we’ve just got to focus on ourselves. I know that’s the politically correct thing to say, but it’s the truth. We can’t control anybody else other than our own selves, so we’ve just got to do our thing and whatever happens happens.”


You caught Tim Wakefield in Boston earlier in your career (in 2009). What was that like?


“It was great. I was a rookie. It was my first year in the big leagues and to be his catcher, I guess, was a great experience. I learned a lot about preparation and getting into a routine, about going over the scouting reports and preparing. It was a lot learning.”


Is it different catching a knuckleballer?

ANSWER: “It’s not like anything else you do. No one works on it when you’re young, no one works on it in the minor leagues. So it was getting into a stance and getting in the best stance possible to catch the ball or knock it down if it’s starting to get away from you. We worked great together, he got his first All-Star appearance that year when I was there, so it was a big deal for him and myself.”


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