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August 8, 2013

Did you hear about the Chiefs player who tackled the Royals outfielder?

Royals center fielder Jarrod Dyson and the Chiefs nose tackle Jerrell Powe once met on a football field in Mississippi.

The K Zone

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Small world, isn’t it?

No doubt that’s what Royals center fielder Jarrod Dyson was thinking earlier this summer while working out at the Chiefs practice facility.

Dyson, who had returned to the Royals after a stint on the disabled list with a high ankle sprain, was chatting with one of the Chiefs. Turns out it was nose tackle Jerrell Powe, a fellow Mississippian.

“He asked me where I was from and I asked where he was from,” said Dyson, who attended McComb High School. “That’s how it kind of kicked off. He told me he was from Mississippi. I asked him what high school team he played for (it was Wayne County).”

Slowly the two recognized one another.

“I told him we played (football) against him,” Dyson recalled. “He said, ‘You were No. 21,’ and I was like ‘yeah, you were the nose guard. I remember you.’ ”

It gets better. Dyson vividly remembered one play in particular from when they met on the gridiron.

Dyson’s nickname is Mr. Zoombya, so it’s no surprise that he was a running back at McComb High School. What Dyson hasn’t forgotten is Powe’s speed for a defensive lineman.

“We had a pitch to the right and he came through our center, just ran clean over him, and tackled me on the sidelines,” Dyson said. “It was pretty impressive. I was shocked.

“I was mad, to be honest with you, when I got up, because I was wondering how he got to me. I went back and looked at film and he ended up running through our center. He’s a big boy. He was probably running a 4.8(-second, 40-yard dash) at the time.”

It’s never fun to get thrown for a loss, but ...

“Oh, it wasn’t a loss of yards,” Dyson interjected. “I didn’t gain nothing but a yard or two. But it should have been a big gain to be honest with you.”

Oh, it gets even better.

“He has the photo of me when he hit me, standing over me,” Dyson said. “He said it’s in his barber shop. I told him he needed to get a copy of it, so I could sign it and he could sign it.”

Isn’t that funny? Really, who offers to sign a picture of such an moment? But that’s the kind of person Dyson is.

“Yeah, I’ll autograph it,” Dyson said. “I don’t mind. It’s in the past.”

It's hard to believe that one tackle in a high school football game a decade ago in Mississippi would involve two players who would end up playing for two professional sports teams at the Truman Sports Complex. One is a Chief, the other a Royal. Crazy world, isn't it?

Mike Swanson, the Royals vice president of communications and broadcasting, suggested that when the Chiefs return from training camp that Powe and Dyson replay the famous moment.

Dyson just laughed, and said: “He won’t get me now.”

A couple of other things from that high school game: Dyson thought at the time that Powe had NFL skills. And that Wayne County team was stacked as it allowed its first touchdown of the season to McComb.

“I was that guy,” Dyson said with a smile.

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