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May 26, 2013

Glad to be in KC? Cardinals' Wainwright: 'Bad barbecue makes me want to fight'

St. Louis pitcher Adam Wainwright loves barbecue so much that when it's cooked poorly, it makes him unhappy. Fortunately for Wainwright, he'll be in KC on Monday, and there is no shortage of outstanding 'cue here.

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Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright must be thrilled to be coming to Kansas City on Monday.

And it’s not because he’s going to face the struggling Royals offense.

No, it’s because Wainwright loves food. And nothing makes him happier -- or angrier (as you'll see) -- than barbecue. And, as we know, there is no better place for barbecue than Kansas City.

Wainwright talked about food (among many other subjects) during an extensive question-and-answer session with Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Here is a portion of that chat:

Q: I’ll continue the tortured analogy, tying your pitching to food. What meal is the Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS equivalent?

A: It would be a combination of steak and barbecue. Because I can eat good barbeque every single day of my whole life, without question, no doubt. I can tell you that right now. I love it. I’m obsessed with it. Also, bad barbecue makes me want to fight somebody.

Q: What’s the difference?

A: When I have a really bad rib or a really bad pulled pork, it just makes me angry. It’s such a great piece of meat to ruin.

Q: When it’s dry or tough, overcooked, chewy?

A: If the love wasn’t put into cooking it, I don’t love it.

Q: Because it falls off the bone?

A: It’s not supposed to fall off the bone. The average rib-eater will tell you they like fall-of-the-bone ribs, but those are actually not competition-style barbeque ribs. They need to have a little tug when you bite into them.

Q: So that’s amateur and you’re talking major-league.

A: I’m talking major-league, yeah. I’m not saying I don’t like to eat them when it’s fall-off-the-bone. Occasionally, I’ll eat them fall-of-the-bone. Once you’ve had a Pappy rib it’s hard to look back.

Pappy is Pappy's Smokehouse, which is a St. Louis restaurant that serves Memphis barbecue.

Memphis? Ha. Kansas City barbecue is clearly superior, which Wainwright will learn if he tries one of the many wonderful restaurants here.

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