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April 19, 2013

The Star’s Bob Dutton reports on manhunt scene from Cambridge

Bob Dutton, the Royals’ beat writer for The Star, is in the middle of the massive manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect. Dutton is in Cambridge, Mass., and with the entire area on lockdown, he has only been able to venture outside his Cambridge Marriott hotel for a brief time. There is no taxi service or other transportation available. He sends this account from Cambridge.

The K Zone

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This place is on lockdown. I walked out a bit earlier and only went about four blocks but was confronted half-a-dozen times by police and military police. It was strongly suggested to me that I go back to the hotel. One guy walked with me for nearly a block to emphasize the point.

When I was out, I saw military police all over the streets of Cambridge. They were asking those few on the streets if they truly needed to be out. They encouraged them to go back inside. The Marriott was not letting anyone in without a room key and had armed guards out front.

There is nobody on the streets here. Sent some pictures to emphasize the point. It really is amazing. This is the heart of Cambridge. That street is normally teeming. There’s like two people in the lobby. Nobody in the concierge lounge.

I was in New York shortly after 9-11. The city wasn't as deserted or as locked down like we are now.

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