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Greinke/Quentin feud traces to Greinke's days with Royals

04/12/2013 2:27 AM

05/20/2014 10:42 AM

The roots of Thursday night’s bench-clearing brawl between the Dodgers and Padres that left LA pitcher Zack Greinke with a broken left collarbone can be traced to Greinke’s days with the Royals.

Carlos Quentin was with the White Sox from 2008-2011, and Greinke was with the Royals from 2004-10, and things once got really tense back then.

Greinke plunked Quentin in a 2008 game, and when the teams met on April 8, 2009 at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, things nearly got out of hand.

In the first inning of the game, Greinke buzzed an 0-2 pitch near Quentin’s head. In the fourth inning with one out and no one on, Greinke drilled Quentin in the back.

Quentin stepped toward Greinke, but Royals catcher Miguel Olivo stepped in and Quentin took his base.

“The first at-bat kind of scared me, because you never want to do that to anyone,” Greinke told reporters that night. “It happens. You hit guys sometimes.”

Fast forward to Thursday night and Greinke plunked Quentin, who again stepped toward the mound. This time, Greinke appeared to say something and Quentin charged the mound.

“I never hit him on purpose,” Greinke said after Thursday’s game. “He always seems to think I’m hitting him on purpose, but that’s not the case.”

Quentin told reporters: “It’s unfortunate. It could have been avoided. You can ask Zack about that.”

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