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The Royals are ... Buster Bluth?

10/30/2012 12:26 PM

05/16/2014 8:08 PM

Sports and the entertainment world crossed paths in a most wonderful way recently.

The blog recently produced a set of team baseball cards with the theme of the characters from Arrested Development (the funniest show of all-time).

Naturally, there is a Royals team card. They are portrayed by Byron “Buster” Bluth.

Here’s what the blogger Larry Granillo had to say:

“If any team suffers from debilitating panic attacks it would be the Royals since they can’t seem to get ahead these days. If Buster thinks the blue part is land then the Royals think that hosting the All Star game is just as good as hosting the World Series.

“*I love the Royals and their fans. You’ll get there buddy.

Buster, who is played by Tony Hale, had his left hand eaten off by a seal that was released into the ocean by his big brother GOB. Just thought you should know that if the image here didn’t make any sense to you ("I'm a monster!".

Buster is a mama’s boy and lacks in social skills. But he is earnest and loveable -- just like the Royals.

Check out the other cards



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