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October 25, 2012

Math professor sees Giants winning now

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The Tigers didn’t do themselves any favors by dropping game one of the World Series on Wednesday night.

According to one math professor, the Giants’ 8-3 win tipped the advantage for winning the World Series to San Francisco.

Before the World Series started, Bruce Bukiet, a math professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, predicted the Tigers would take the title.

“The Detroit Tigers have a solid advantage over the San Francisco Giants,” Bukiet said Tuesday in a news release. “The Tigers, who surprisingly swept the New York Yankees in four straight games in the American League Championship Series to reach the World Series, have a 58 percent chance of beating the Giants in the best-of-seven series.”

After Wednesday’s game, Bukiet updated his numbers and now San Francisco is in line to win the trophy. You can follow his projections here:

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