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August 16, 2014

Ned Yost blames himself for Greg Holland’s recent struggles for Royals

Greg Holland gave up two runs in Friday’s shaky ninth-inning performance, but the Royals closer collected the save.

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Ned Yost said a few curious things after Friday’s 6-5 victory over the Twins. As the Royals march toward the playoffs, the tactics of their manager will become more scrutinized. So Friday was an interesting evening.

Greg Holland gave up two runs in a shaky ninth-inning performance, but collected the save. Yost blamed himself for Holland’s recent unsteadiness.

"I’m wearing Greg out," Yost said. "I can’t find any way to give him a break."

Hmm. How about, a reporter suggested, using setup man Wade Davis as the closer for a day or two to rest Holland?

"It goes day to day," he said. "No, I’m not going to consider it."

So there is that. He also conceded that his managerial reigns become tighter this time of year. That’s why he pulled Danny Duffy with one out in the sixth after Duffy had thrown just 79 pitches.

"You can’t throw those games away, especially after Detroit lost," he said. "You can’t take chances there. You get in the sixth, you’re one swing away from tying it up. And you know you’ve got [Aaron] Crow, with all those righties coming in, to get to [Kelvin] Herrera, to get to [Wade] Davis, to get to Holland.

"You just do what you’ve got to do. This time of year, you don’t really play it like you would earlier in the year. You play it a little differently."

The maneuvers worked. Crow picked up an out, and Francisley Bueno collected the third out. Duffy was unhappy to depart the game, but accepted the decision. He is still just two years removed from Tommy John, and has never really pitched in September.

"I was surprised that I came out," Duffy said. "But I know exactly why. And I’m totally with Skip on that."


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