Judging the Royals

April 21, 2014 10:45 PM

The slider that changed the game

The slider that changed the game came in the sixth inning. Let’s set the scene: the Indians had taken a two-run lead on a fourth inning home run by Michael Brantley. Coming into the game Brantley had hit .211 off Royals starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie and had grounded out in his first at-bat. With a runner on second base Guthrie fell behind Brantley 2-1; a fastball count. Instead of throwing a fastball, Guthrie threw a changeup. But the changeup was elevated in the zone and then elevated into the right field seats—Indians up 2-0. The Royals took the lead right back in the top of the fifth, 3-2 (more on that below).

Judging the Royals

Lee Judge shares insights from KC's major-leaguers.

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