Judging the Royals

July 23, 2013

The Royals lose a "clunker" 9-2

In his postgame press conference, Ned Yost said that anything his team could have screwed up, they did screw up. Start at the beginning: Wade Davis walked the first batter of the game. Three pitches later, Mike Moustakas whiffed on what looked like a double play ball. In the third inning, with a runner on third headed for home, second baseman Miguel Tejada bobbled a groundball and had to take the out at first base instead of preventing the run from scoring. In the fifth inning long reliever Luis Mendoza threw a wild pitch with runners on first and second; even though Salvador Perez cut down the runner trying to advance to second base, a runner did make it to third and then scored on a fly ball. The Royals also allowed the leadoff batter to get on base in seven out of nine innings.

Judging the Royals

Lee Judge breaks down the Royals, game by game.

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