McCluster can’t get enough of his 89-yard punt return


10/02/2013 11:40 PM

05/16/2014 10:22 AM

Not that Chiefs returner/receiver Dexter McCluster was overwhelmed by his electrifying 89-yard punt return against the New York Giants on Sunday, but, well, it’s safe to say he relished the moment.

"I remember watching it 500 times," he said, laughing.

McCluster was speaking Wednesday shortly after it was announced that he had been named AFC special teams player of the week for the play, which changed the complexion of a 10-7 game late in the third quarter.

The Chiefs went on to win 31-7.

As many times as he reviewed it, though, McCluster said he didn’t remember making the spin move that helped him bust loose. All he had recalled was having "two guys I had to make miss and (making) some hard jab steps."

As it happened, McCluster had better recollection of his end zone move after the score, a salsa step that either was mocking New York’s Victor Cruz or an homage to him depending on how it’s viewed.

"It was all in fun," McCluster said. "He’s a great player. It’s his dance. He does it all the time. He’s perfected it. I haven’t mastered it."

In fact, McCluster audibled from a move he says he has mastered: "the Florida Juke."

"But I was kind of tired and gassed," he said, "so I figured I could get a little two-step going."

In his fourth NFL season, the versatile McCluster, who also had five receptions in the game, has been going about everywhere on the field in first-year coach Andy Reid’s offensive scheme, so much so that Reid is trying to hold himself back from "overloading" him.

"You get to a point where you have him so many different places because you’re a coach -- you’re not having to play the game, and that not reality," Reid said, smiling. "It’s got to make sense to the player, where they’re at, why they’re there.

"He’s a very intelligent kid and works his tail off, but I’m trying to be careful with exactly how many spots we put him in. There’s only so many places you can function with."

And that’s returning punts as much as anything else with McCluster, whose return was the fourth-longest in Chiefs history and came on a play whose design, he said, had been "in the archives."

The longest in Chiefs history? His own 94-yarder in 2010.

But as many times as McCluster might watch either of them, he also knows they’re behind him now.

"Hopefully more to come," he said. "I can’t get set on being happy with (the last) one."



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