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Don’t take early enthusiasm about Chiefs for granted

07/30/2013 3:59 PM

07/30/2013 4:01 PM

At some point for this revitalized Chiefs franchise, there will be a setback, or a troubling trend, or a trap door falling open, or at least some sign of distress or gridlock, won’t there?

Sure. And we can deal with that when they have to deal with it.

But for now, the momentum of an offseason of leadership, philosophical and structural changes, and a radical roster makeover, has morphed into an early training camp filled with hopeful signs.

In this case, we refer to first-year coach Andy Reid on Tuesday raving in a stream-of-consciousness burst about the work ethic to date.

“Listen, it was good work today … They busted their tail … It’s been tremendous work. We worked the 2-minute drill today, which is good work. … All in all, appreciate the effort by the guys. They’re working.”

If it seems like that’s to be assumed, Reid said otherwise.

“You don’t know that. That’s the unknown,” he said, alluding back to the pace and progress of the offseason workouts. “When I mentioned to you about the offseason, you just don’t know. And then I didn’t know coming into this: Are they going to carry that same work ethic that they had, that they displayed during the offseason?

“They’ve done it, they’ve done that, and they came back in great shape. And they are challenging each other on every play. You’re seeing that, right? You’re seeing the effort and the intensity and finishing plays.”

Specifically, Reid noted defensive lineman Dontari Poe, a “big fella” of 346 pounds, chasing a ball all the way down the field.

“That’s impressive, now,” added Reid, also singling out 316-pound offensive tackle Branden Albert for rumbling down the field trying to find somebody to block.

None of which means the Chiefs are Super Bowl-bound, have arrived in any form or will as much as break even this year.

But at least some basis for hope and an upgrade is being established before the adversity comes, suggesting a better chance to deal with that inevitability, too.

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