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Extra Sauce: Adjusting to life in the Kansas City sports world

07/09/2013 1:31 PM

07/09/2013 5:49 PM

Greetings, Kansas City.

It’s been a slogging yet dizzying few weeks of trying to get the lay of the land here after 25 years in St. Louis, which I’ve learned might be in the same state but evidently is not in the same galaxy, since the two seem entirely unrelated.

The at-times disorienting acclimation process has included, well, walking into a sharp tree branch and slicing my head up one day while walking the dogs, and the bewildering experience of attending a bunch of Royals games -- enough to see them win one (of six or seven), which somehow immediately convinced me they are on their way to someplace better. Hey, simple things for simple minds.

The initiation has included fascinating meetings with past and present Chiefs administrators and media liaisons and an associated very cool – literally and figuratively – archival excursion into SubTropolis, “the World’s Largest Underground Business Complex.”

It’s featured an outing to a Sporting KC game, a phenomenon that reminded me of the energy of an Olympic event; and the chance to catch up with College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock as a relative neighbor instead of from afar.

And visiting with the Mizzou athletics entourage at the Tiger Club of Kansas City’s golf outing at Oakwood Country Club.

And rides to Lawrence for the return of the KU women’s track national champions and to catch up with the infinitely interesting and always accessible Bill Self.

And it’s meant being in the Lawrence Public Library while writing my first Star column and having to duck behind a book case and whisper to do a phone interview when Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon unexpectedly returned a call.

With that part of this learning curve sort of behind me, now it’s time for phase two of the transition: entering the blogosphere, where I’ll seek regularly to conjure up a blend of succinct observations, glimpses behind the scenes, out-takes and random thoughts that I hope you’ll find makes an engaging addition to our coverage.

Thanks for reading.

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