Don't Kill The Mellinger

August 4, 2014

A quick point about Sporting KC and money and the Royals

Don't Kill the Mellinger

Columnist Sam Mellinger's thoughts on sports and other important stuff

This one will be quick.

You may have seen over the weekend where the salaries for Sporting Kansas City stars Graham Zusi and Matt Besler leaked to Sports Illustrated.

The two World Cup players, undeniable foundations for what Sporting is and wants to be, are earning prorated salaries of $600,000 this year. Then, over the next four years, they will split $5.65 million.

I’m just here to point out two things:

1. Four years of both of those guys will cost less than Eric Hosmer’s signing bonus out of high school.

2. Please keep things like this in mind when you hear people talk like the Cerner guys would turn the Royals into the Dodgers (or Manchester City). They have enough money to buy and run a team, but they are also very aware of the vast difference of the financials of each league. One is set up to protect the teams, the other set up to reward the players.

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