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OK, this is really my bracket. Syracuse, Virginia, Arizona and Wichita State. Pay me, Buffet.

03/20/2014 8:41 AM

03/20/2014 9:21 AM

First of all, please don’t mistake me for one of "those people" who fill out a bunch of brackets and can’t keep them straight and spends March weekends saying idiotic, offensive things like, "Well, in this

bracket I have"

I am not one of those people.

I did, however, have to fill

a quickie bracket Sunday night immediately after the brackets came out. But I have a certain method

I like to follow with these things that, basically, says that emotion is a big part of the tournament and once the machine starts rolling you have to play against the machine.

Well, the machine has been all over Michigan State and Louisville. Even the president picked Michigan State and, I believe, Louisville somehow rose to the overall betting favorite. So while I really like both those teams, it’s a bad bet to go with who everyone else is taking. Plus, I do think there might be something to the idea that edges come and go with public perception.

Like, for instance, when the bracket came out I really liked North Dakota State over Oklahoma in the first round. But, as it turns out, that’s an upset a lot of folks have been predicting this week. NDSU


Oklahoma are now aware of that and, pseudo-science or not, I do believe that puts NDSU in a tough spot.

So, anyway, after a few days of reading up on teams and thinking more and figuring out the groupthink to play against, I’ve come up with an all-new bracket that I’ll play for the money^ and that is undoubtedly every bit as wrong as the one that took me two minutes.


Unless the fuzz is reading this. Then, you know, I would never enter an NCAA Tournament bracket for money.

Whatever. Here’s the bracket, for the two of you who care:


Florida over Albany

Pittsburgh over Colorado

Stephen F. Austin over VCU

Tulsa over UCLA

Dayton over Ohio State

Syracuse over Western Michigan

New Mexico over Stanford

Kansas over Eastern Kentucky

Florida over Pittsburgh

Tulsa over Stephen F.

Syracuse over Dayton

Kansas over New Mexico

Florida over Tulsa

Syracuse over Kansas

Syracuse over Florida


Virginia over Coastal Carolina

George Washington over Memphis

Cincinnati over Harvard

Michigan State over Delaware

North Carolina over Providence

Iowa State over NC Central

UConn over St. Joe’s

Villanova over Milwaukee

Virginia over George Washington

Michigan State over Cincinnati

Iowa State over UNC

UConn over Villanova

Virginia over Michigan State

Iowa State over UConn

Virginia over Iowa State


Arizona over Weber State

Gonzaga over Oklahoma State

Oklahoma over North Dakota State

San Diego State over New Mexico State

Baylor over Nebraska

Creighton over Lafayette

BYU over Oregon

Wisconsin over American

Arizona over Gonzaga

San Diego State over Oklahoma

Baylor over Creighton

Wisconsin over BYU

Arizona over San Diego State

Baylor over Wisconsin

Arizona over Baylor


Wichita State over Cal Poly

Kentucky over K-State

St. Louis over North Carolina State

Louisville over Manhattan

UMass over Tennessee

Duke over Mercer

Arizona State over Texas

Michigan over Wofford

Wichita State over Kentucky

Louisville over St. Louis

Duke over UMass

Arizona State over Michigan

Wichita State over Louisville

Arizona State over Duke

Wichita State over Arizona State

Final Four

Syracuse over Virginia

Arizona over Wichita State

Arizona over Syracuse

Tell Buffet I’ll take the annuity.

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