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DKTM Over-Under Chiefs and College Football Challenge results: you people did ... OK.

01/23/2014 11:01 AM

01/23/2014 11:07 AM

Yeah, the college football and Chiefs seasons have been over for weeks and what of it? You expected the results from the Totally Official Don’t Kill The Mellinger College Football and Chiefs

Over-Under Challenges to be put up promptly?

You must be new here.

I also want to say this up front: if it was entirely up to me, I’d be lucky to get these results out by summer. More likely, I’d be hoping you all forgot about it, which is impossible because the winner gets Oklahoma Joe’s, which is worth its weight in platinum, which means one of the winners already emailed me with his address.

So let’s get right to it.

Big congratulations to Devon Self, who won the Chiefs challenge on a tiebreaker Clint Huerter, Linden Schult and Dan Loving.

And big congratulations to Stephen Slocum^, who won the college football challenge on a tiebreaker with Adam Sandwell and Brian Garvin.


Stephen, email me your address so I can get you the gift card.

And an enormous thanks to Grant Gengelbach and Challenge Builder, for basically doing all the work. I should make it clear here that if it was just up to Grant, and he didn’t have to wait for me to give him the answers after the seasons were over, this probably would’ve been done seconds after the seasons were over.

Anyway, here’s a reminder of the questions, and how many of you went which way, and the correct answer. First for the Chiefs challenge:

Justin Houston sacks, 12 ½: 67 percent under (correct answer: under)

Tamba Hali sacks, 8 ½: 74 percent over (correct answer: over)

Defense turnovers + TDs, 23 ½: 56 percent over (correct answer: over)

Alex Smith quarterback rating, 90: 65 percent over (correct answer: under)

Jamaal Charles touches, 90: 72 percent over (correct answer: over)

Jamaal Charles yards per carry, 5.3: 64 percent under (correct answer: under)

Dwayne Bowe catches, 65: 79 percent over (correct answer: under)

Total sacks, 34 ½: 52 percent over (correct answer: over)

Defense rank, by total yards, 13 ½ (for our purposes, the terms are literal, so 14th or worse is over and 13th or better is under): 60 percent under (correct answer: over)

Offense rank, by total yards, 16 ½: 59 percent over (correct answer: over)

Wins, 7 ½: 79 percent over (correct answer: over)

Special teams return TDs, 1 ½: 83 percent over (correct answer: over)

Chase Daniel starts, 1 ½: 85 percent under (correct answer: under)

Pro Bowlers, 3 ½: 79 percent over (correct answer: WAY over)

Celebration penalties on TDs that didn’t count, ½: 92 percent under (correct answer: under)

Ryan Succup missed field goals, 5 ½: 65 percent under (correct answer: over, and the miss that put it over was the one that put the Chargers in the playoffs)

Dontari Poe tackles, 35: 63 percent over (correct answer: over)

Eric Berry sacks + interceptions, 4 ½: 88 percent over (correct answer: over)

AJ Jenkins receptions, 10: 65 percent over (correct answer: under)

Wins against AFC West opponents, 2 ½: 98 percent over (correct answer: under, somewhat amazingly)

And here is the same info for the college football challenge:

K-State wins, 8 ½: 76 percent under (correct answer: under)

Missouri wins, 5 ½: 81 percent over (correct answer: over)

Kansas wins, 3 ½: 55 percent under (correct answer: under)

John Hubert rushing yards, 1,000: 54 percent under (correct answer: over)

K-State wins while being outgained in total yards, 1 ½: 55 percent over (correct answer: under)

K-State wins as an underdog, 1 ½: 67 percent over (correct answer: under)

Jake Waters total TDs, 33 ½: 81 percent over: (correct answer: under)

James Franklin starts, 10 ½: 55 percent over (correct answer: under)

Dorial Green-Beckham TD catches, 7 ½: 66 percent over (correct answer: over)

Mizzou wins vs South Carolina, Florida and A, ½: 56 percent over (correct answer: over)

Mizzou losses vs Toledo, Indiana and Arkansas State, ½: 69 percent under (correct answer: under)

Jake Heaps TD passes, 16 ½: 57 percent over (correct answer: under)

KU average home attendance, 42,000: 87 percent under (correct answer: under)

TD catches by KU receivers, ½: 92 percent over (correct answer: over)

KU conference wins, ½: 79 percent over (correct answer: over)

Mizzou conference wins, 3 ½: 57 percent under (correct answer: over)

K-State conference wins, 5 ½: 59 percent under (correct answer: under)

Big 12 teams in the final BCS top 10, 1 ½: 65 percent under (correct answer: under)

SEC teams in the final BCS top 10, 4 ½: 59 percent under (correct answer: under)

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