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Chiefs 23, Bills 13: Insta-reaction

11/03/2013 3:01 PM

11/11/2013 2:19 PM

- These lucky SOBs. More about this in the column.

- Clutch defense, again. More about this in

last week’s column


- In a different world, we’d be talking a lot about negatives. The Chiefs defense was gashed, especially on the ground. Alex Smith was usually somewhere between bad and mediocre. Dexter McCluster dropped a pass you just cannot, under any circumstance, drop.

- On the positive, Eric Fisher played a hell of a game. Held up really well. I’ll rewatch, obviously — hopefully tonight, depending on how many wings Randy Covitz makes me eat — but I don’t remember him getting beat. Maybe early. And Buffalo has a hell of a pass rush.

- Man, Dexter McCluster just cannot, under any circumstance, drop that pass.

- Terez pointed this out, but the Bills left Bowe in a lot of single coverage which made this a really important game for him. He’s either going to show that he’s still the kind of receiver who needs extra attention, or he’s going to be Just Another Guy and the Chiefs offense takes a step back. Bowe had a key drop in the first half, but otherwise did enough that defenses are going to need to account for him.

- Dexter McCluster can’t drop that ball.

- Stevie Johnson was all kinds of open on that play where Jeff Tuel hit Sean Smith for a 100-yard interception return.

- If you’re looking forward to the Denver game — and who among us isn’t? — the Bills did a good job neutralizing the Chiefs’ pass rush with quick drops.

- Also, man, C.J. Spiller gashed him up some Chiefs.

- Marcus Cooper played another great game.

- Derrick Johnson, too.

- This pattern seems to hold up every week: the Chiefs give up a lot of quarterback pressure early, then adjust well enough to improve throughout the game. I’m not smart enough to say which it is with any certainty, but it’s gotta be a combination of the linemen being smart enough to find patterns in how they’re being rushed and Andy Reid/Doug Pederson adjusting the blocking assignments.

- For a guy who had such a bad reputation in Philadelphia for game and clock management, Andy Reid is managing the bejeezus out of games and clocks.

- One thing I’m curious about on the rewatch: how much of Buffalo’s success running the ball is on Dontari Poe not having the type of game we’ve come to expect? Or, hell, maybe Poe had that kind of game and my stupid face needs to see it again to realize it.


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