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Bonus Twitter Tuesday: The Sporting question I accidentally deleted, plus a penalty question

10/29/2013 3:03 PM

10/29/2013 3:22 PM

I think I’ve mentioned this before here, but I’m the kind of airhead who sometimes puts the cottage cheese back in the cupboard instead of the fridge. My dog sometimes needs to remind me she’s hungry. That’s how it goes. So, you shouldn’t be surprised that I originally had a Sporting Kansas City question in the last Twitter Tuesday but somehow lost it in the editing process^. ^ A fancy way of saying I cut-and-copied to move it higher in the post, and best as I can tell, didn’t paste it back down. Anyway, here’s the redux and, as a penalty, I’ll answer another question, too. I’m going to leave the specific soccer breakdowns to sharper minds like this, but I will say that this is one of those under-the-radar storylines locally. I adore most everything that Sporting KC has done^, especially their relentless and creative efforts of building a strong relationship with their fans. Other franchises —in Kansas City and other places — should try to copy some of it. ^ With one notable exception. But I do think the narrative has lost touch in a lot of places and I’m curious if another underwhelming playoff performance will bring it out. Like, take the people who think Sporting’s ownership group should buy the Royals. Even if we ignore that the Royals aren’t for sale, the idea that Sporting’s owners would spend more than what the Royals have been spending is, at best, built on hope and dreams. Sporting’s success has come without big spending on players, even by MLS standards. Why would that change if they jumped into the bigger money world of major league baseball. I know I’m tangent-ing here, so sorry. Point is, Sporting has earned a seat at the big boy table, in other words, and should be treated like it. If they don’t at least make the MLS Cup, some fair and tough questions should be asked of a franchise that’s heard almost nothing but compliments. And if they deliver the city’s first pro championship in more than a decade, they should be proportionally celebrated. This isn’t something I’m all that worked up about. I don’t get Time Warner, and I’d like to watch those games on TV, but this is a business decision that KU has made. They know they’re pissing off a chunk of their fan base, and have apparently concluded that the math still works in their favor. I’m never one to think unnecessarily irritating your fans is ever a good idea, but this is a business decision. Let the market decide whether it was a smart one.

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