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Twitter Tuesday: Talking Chiefs, Shuttlecocks, Mizzou


10/22/2013 2:12 PM

05/16/2014 10:31 AM

The Chiefs won another one-point game at home, this time against a team playing without its star running back and without its starting quarterback^, helped in part with a touchdown scored on a phantom zone read to Alex Smith’s invisible friend, wake up in a world where the Broncos lose to a team that has to play the Chiefs at Arrowhead without its star receiver, and you might’ve heard that they play the Browns this weekend at home. ^ Though the backup was pretty good, and the starter has been pretty crappy. And then the Bills. And then a week off to better prepare for what would be the biggest win of the season. Got all that? A lot of you are asking, so for now I’ll just say: this Chiefs season is the strongest threat to The Curse Of The Shuttlecocks we’ve had yet. This week’s eating recommendation is the pad thai at Thai Place and the reading recommendation is this typically thoughtful and powerful piece by the terrific Jeff MacGregor on sexual assault and football culture. Let’s get to it, and as always, thanks for your help and for reading.


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