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October 14, 2013

Chiefs Rewatch: Thoughts on Smith, Pryor, Cooper, Fisher, Charles, Jackson

After another look at Sunday's game, here's more analysis of the Chiefs' 24-7 victory against the Raiders. This was one game where defensive coordinator Bob Sutton’s different looks were particularly effective.

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- Eric Fisher got beat, and badly, on the first two snaps of the game. Figured that meant a looooooooooong day for the rookie returning from the concussion, but he held up pretty well after that.

- At least some of that credit should go to the coaches for making adjustments.

- We’ve talked a lot here and other places about Alex Smith’s mobility, his athleticism. A few times against the Raiders, he added strength, breaking out of sacks to extend plays or run. That’s a big plus. Even when his throws are off — and he’s been WAY off the last two weeks — this is a way for him to keep moving the chains.

- But he needs to be more accurate. The offense

needs to be better, and the Chiefs shouldn’t keep putting it all on Jamaal Charles


- Terrelle Pryor is, even by NFL standards, a freak athlete. So six runs for 60 yards might just be the cost of doing business. But the Chiefs did a really good job against him, in large part by surrounding him, putting some panic in him, and forcing decisions. This accomplished two things: it kept him in the pocket, and kept him throwing to places and at times he didn’t plan. They picked him off three times — including one of the worst decisions-and-throws you’ll ever see in the NFL — and came close at least four other times.

- As he is wont to do, Terez Paylor explains all of that better



- Pryor’s first interception came a snap after throwing deep down the right sideline, even though Marcus Cooper had blanket coverage. Cooper nearly picked it, and really, the back judge could’ve called offensive pass interference. Then Pryor lobbed one down the middle of the field off his back foot. There’s a lot of potential in him, but you can’t win with episodes like that.

- Toward that end, this was one game where defensive coordinator Bob Sutton’s different looks were particularly effective.

- One more game where

Jamaal Charles does his toughness thing

, one more game he does it without breaking a long run.

- The sack where Tamba Hali and Justin Houston hit Pryor basically simultaneously, then got him and gave each other a thousand low-fives will and probably should be on some Chiefs commercials.

- This isn’t to take anything away from the team, but Arrowhead beat the Raiders as much as the Chiefs did. This has been

percolating all season, and exploded against the Raiders


- I think we’ve talked about this on these things before, but Tyson Jackson is, somewhat quietly, playing a hell of a season. Takes up blockers, makes plays when he can, sets edges on other downs.

- Marcus Cooper got beat, finally. Moore’s 39-yard touchdown went straight through Cooper’s defense, which is notable because

Cooper has been so good

. And other than Moore’s touchdown, and one other reception he gave up, Cooper was again spectacular. His interception had some shades of the one he closed the Titans game with: the preparation to know what was coming, the instincts and guts to jump the route.

- I’ve never seen a 3rd and 48 before, I don’t think.

- Actually, I just looked it up on a href ="" target="_blank">Pro Football Reference’s awesome database

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