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Chiefs 24, Raiders 7: Insta-reaction

10/13/2013 3:19 PM

10/14/2013 10:17 AM

- You might’ve seen what happened to the Texans today. The schedule really is opening up.

- This defense, man. A monster, especially with this crowd (they broke the Guinness record, apparently) behind them. Could’ve written

this same column today. Or this one

. But I won’t.

- The pass rush was overwhelming, forcing Terrelle Pryor into bad decisions and generally instilling an element of panic in the Raiders. False starts, delays of game. As much as the Chiefs need to score more points on offense -- and they do -- if you’re playing against the Chiefs you’re probably freaked out about this defense.

- And ... this offense, man. They’ll need to be better. Like your boy wrote



- Alex Smith missed some throws that he’s hit this season, and throws that he needs to hit to be what the Chiefs traded for. This is three underwhelming games in a row for him. Three times in a row he’s played his worst game of the season. Good weather today, too.

- Then again, I guess it’s possible that the defense is just so good the offense just needs to not give up touchdowns.

- Yes, the Chiefs’ struggles against scrambling quarterbacks is a thing. But even so, Pryor made a lot of nice plays.

^ UPDATE: I wrote that sentence before his terrible, gawd-awful, horrendous decision and throw in the third quarter. Chiefs had good pressure on the play, but jeez guy, eat it or throw it away. Don’t lob it down the middle the of the field.

- This will be the first of these insta-reactions where I don’t talk about Jamaal Charles being right that his toughness is underrated (oops), but I will say that Andy Reid and Doug Pederson seem to want to test that toughness. He’s the AFC’s leading rusher and the Chiefs’ leading receiver (by far), and instead of finding ways to ease off the gas the Chiefs give Charles two carries at the end of the first half. Sure, he might break a long one. But realistically, you’re just giving the Raiders two extra chances to hit him.

- I’m looking forward to watching this game again, but I didn’t see Dwayne Bowe open a whole lot.

- I’ve talked here and other places about the giant horseshoe that seems to be lodged up the Chiefs’ collective rear, but they caught another major break in the first half when a bad offsides penalty on a Raiders punt attempt put Oakland into field goal range. Janikowski’s kick was short — when’s the last time you saw that? — so the Chiefs got about 35 extra yards of field position by committing a dumb penalty.

- Branden Albert’s injury, and the rightful concern it creates, reminds me that I’m old enough to remember when everyone wanted him to switch positions so Eric Fisher could play right tackle.

- Marcus Cooper got beat — badly — on Oakland’s touchdown, the 39-yard slant to Moore. But he otherwise played a hell of a game. Oakland challenged him often, and

Cooper was in great position


- With the Guinness record is hand, Arrowhead beat the Raiders as much as the Chiefs did. Very, very loud — and throughout all four quarters. That synergy between team and crowd is back, and

that’s a season-changer


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