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Results are in for the 2013 Royals Over-Under Challenge


10/02/2013 10:49 AM

05/16/2014 10:22 AM

The Royals finished their season on Sunday, of course, and then the annual wrap-up press conference on Tuesday^ so in the spirit of putting the 2013 season to bed it’s time to look back on the results from The Totally Official 2013 DKTM Royals Over-Under Challenge


^ I do hope you read my column off the press conference and what will soon be remembered as Dayton Moore’s World Series line. It was a terrible choice of words, but there’s an worthy message behind it.

I have some thoughts on the offseason that we’ll get to, including What To Do With Ervin Santana.

But for now, I always think this is fun to look back and see what we thought would happen before the season. When I set these lines — and I have the same intent with the

Chiefs and college football

challenges — I’m trying to even out the guesses on each side, often with spectacular failure.

Anyway, here are the questions, correct answer, and percentage who guessed it right.

Congratulations to our winner,

Caleb Overman

, who gets worldwide fame plus a $25 gift certificate at Oklahoma Joe’s or the restaurant of his choice. He was one of nine to guess 15 of 19 categories correctly, and won the tiebreaker. The others with 15 correct answers: Jordan Kelsey, John Myers, Ivy Street, Elliott Waxman, Eric Huxtable^, Nathan Wojtkiewicz, Terry Lord and Jagk Shipman.

^ Great name.

1. Royals wins, 81.5; Over (86); 75 percent.

2. Games within first place, 12 ½; Under (7); 81 percent.

3. Mike Moustakas home runs, 22 ½; Under (12); 47 percent.

4. Royals selected as All-Stars, 1 ½; Over (3); 68 percent.

5. James Shields ERA, 3.62; Under (3.15); 47 percent.

6. Lorenzo Cain starts, 110; Under (107); 39 percent.

7. Eric Hosmer OPS, .790; Over (.801); 46 percent.

8. Teaford, Adcock, and Coleman combined trips between Kansas City and Omaha, 5 ½; Over (8); 77 percent.

9. Alex Gordon doubles + outfield assists, 59 ½; Under (44); 36 percent.

10. Sal Perez pickoffs + caught stealing, 34 ½; Under (26); 60 percent.

11. Jeff Francoeur OBP, .310; Under (.249); 56 percent.

12. Billy Butler extra-base hits, 63 ½; Under (42); 15 percent.

13. Yordano Ventura innings, ½; Over (15 1/3); 59 percent.

14. Ned Yost ejections, 2 ½; Under (1); 48 percent.

15. Danny Duffy starts, 6 ½; Under (5); 56 percent.

16. Ervin Santana home runs surrendered, 28 ½; Under (26); 70 percent.

17. Wil Myers big league home runs, 17 ½; Under (13); 90 percent.

18. AL rank in runs scored, 8 ½; Over (11); 37 percent.

19. AL rank in ERA, 7 ½; Under (1); 57 percent.


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