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Chiefs-Eagles rewind: downfield blocking, Tamba Hali and more

09/25/2013 9:53 AM

09/26/2013 9:49 AM

Like every week after a Chiefs game, through the (expensive) miracle that is NFL Rewind, I bring to you some looks that come through only after watching a few more times.

I have a few pages of notes I took during two rewatches, and right now I’m typing them into this blog while watching the Giants get annihilated by the Panthers. Carolina had scored 30 points combined in the first two weeks, then beat the Giants 38-0.

The more I think about the Chiefs-Giants game, the more I think it’s an incredibly difficult one to predict because you don’t know what the Giants are about. They were 9-7 last year, and won the Super Bowl the year before that. Even as this isn’t the same group — some departures, some players diminished, etc. — you would expect it to be a group with pride.

Anyway, we have a few more days to talk about that. Here’s what I saw watching the Chiefs-Eagles game again:

- Quintin Demps returned the opening kickoff 57 yards because of terrific blocking, but if you look closely, you see Dexter McCluster breaking off toward the left sideline. In practice, he serves as a blocker because someone on the Eagles’ cover team has to head out that way. But in theory, it sets up the trick play where Demps could throw the ball across the field where McCluster would have more room.

Wouldn’t be as cool as this one