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Twitter Tuesday: Royals playoff scenarios, Chiefs dreams, Justin Houston, Billy Butler, and the greatest husband note ever left

09/24/2013 10:19 AM

09/24/2013 1:03 PM

OK, so the Royals are three back of the wild card with six to play. As best I can figure, if they win out they need two of these three things to happen: - Tampa loses at least four of six (three at the Yankees, three at Toronto) - Cleveland loses at least three of six (two at home vs. White Sox, four at Minnesota) - Rangers lose at least two of six (two at home vs. Astros, four at home vs. Angels) If the Royals finish 5-1, they need two of these three things to happen: - Tampa loses at least five. - Cleveland loses at least four. - Rangers lose at least three. If the Royals finish 4-2 - Tampa loses all six. - Cleveland wins no more than one. - Rangers lose at least four. And so on. Incredibly unlikely, but, you know, at least possible. This week’s reading recommendation is Bruce Feldman behind the scenes of Texas A&M’s preparation for Alabama, and the eating recommendation is the mac-and-cheese with jalapenos and burnt ends at Beer Kitchen. The jalapenos aren’t listed as an option with the mac and cheese, but trust me, go off the menu. I’m a little ashamed to admit that the night I ate this, I had a dream about eating it again. Slammed week and loaded Twitter Tuesday, so let’s get to it. As always, thanks for your help and for reading.


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