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Chiefs blow out Jaguars: Insta-reaction

09/08/2013 2:54 PM

09/09/2013 8:31 AM

- Dontari F. Poe and Justin F. Houston. And, just based on that one touchdown catch, we have to give him at least a Junior f. Hemingway.

- Holy cow the Jaguars are bad.

- This is pretty much what the Chiefs signed up for with Alex Smith: not flashy, but efficient, no turnovers, good decisions.

- Chiefs have to clean up that blocked punt.

- Really, that’s the only negative I noticed.

- Well, that and playing the Jags ruins your strength-of-schedule.

- Derrick Johnson was terrific, again. So much speed.

Covitz knows what he’s talking about.

- Jamaal Charles briefly returned after what the Chiefs called a quad injury, which happened, oddly, on a play where Charles landed on his face. The Chiefs obviously need him healthy. Those of us who have him in fantasy do, too.

- The Chiefs apparently don’t trust Knile Davis, like, at all.

- The defense was just dominating. We all know the Jags suck, so with that disclaimer out there, the Chiefs just terrorized the Jags all day. Too many players to block on the line, too good of players in the secondary to complete passes. Just a masterpiece. Not taking into account quality of opponent, has to be one of the most dominating performances in team history.

- I didn’t watch Eric Fisher every down, but what I noticed was mixed. Got beat on the first series, got away with a hold on what turned out to be a key play in the first half when Alex Smith scrambled in the red zone, seemed to miss an assignment or two^, but otherwise held up OK enough for his first NFL game. He was lined up against Babin much of the day, and Jacksonville’s best pass rusher had nothing for Fisher.

^ Can’t stress this enough: these are insta-reactions, done without a review of the game, or talking with players and coaches.

- Holy cow the Jaguars are bad.

- Los Angeles or London will be getting a crappy team in a few years. Hopefully they change the colors, at least.

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