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Connecting Seinfeld and Quantrill and the Border War

08/21/2013 9:13 AM

08/21/2013 11:23 AM

If youre not a Seinfeld fan, or are in a hurry, skip to the 1-minute mark here

That is exactly how I feel about this whole



There are, of course, people who will be offended at calling it Missouris most decisive road victory, considering that 164 people were killed, others raped, and buildings burned to the ground in

the raid that happened 150 years ago today. And if youre among those taking offense, you probably dont want to hear a band called Quantrills Disciples playing at the Black and Gold Tavern tonight. Or that a Twitter feed will reenact the raid today


Anyway, I think most of us can see the purpose here. I dont think anyone involved thinks theyre, literally, celebrating murder and rape. Its more a celebration of the Missouri-Kansas rivalry, with the added bonus that its an excuse to drink.

Im fine with all of that. And I think most reasonable people would agree on that.

What bothers me about this is that too many people on both sides of the rivalry, really want to have it both ways. They want to talk about how they dont care about the other side anymore, not now that Missouri and Kansas play in different conferences. Kansas fans say Missouri is out of sight and out of mind, that once Mizzou left the SEC they made the decision to leave the rivalry so why should Kansas make any effort to continue? Missouri fans say theyve moved on, the SEC is bigger and better so what do they care about Kansas?

The theme of each side is that they no longer care about the rivalry.

The theme of each side is total, blatant, delusional b.s.

Today is just one example. The folks at the Black and Gold bar wouldnt be doing this if they no longer cared about the rivalry. And the reaction thats coming from Kansas wouldnt exist if they no longer cared.

Both sides care, and they just make themselves look silly pretending otherwise.

In other words, none of this bothers me as a native Kansan. It bothers me as a sports columnist.

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