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The last time the Royals were THIS hot...

08/02/2013 10:10 AM

08/02/2013 12:48 PM

Some of these I lifted from Twitter, others from the Google machine:

Larry Johnson had not played an NFL game or even, perhaps, been to Blonde^.

^ I tweeted this out yesterday afternoon, which got some of this started. One guy tweeted back that Blonde didnt even exist in 2003. Blew my mind.

Facebook had not yet been invented


American Wedding was the nations biggest new movie.

Mike Sweeney hadnt yet been booed at Kauffman Stadium.

This was Billboards No. 1 song:

And speaking of music, Seven Nation Army was a brand-new song, and not the thing that students chant at EVERY college football game.

Eric Hosmer was 13 years old.

James Shields was giving up more than 10 hits per nine innings in Class A in the Rays system -- excuse me, Devil Rays system.

Lorenzo Cain had just started playing baseball at Madison County High in Georgia, and, presumably, had not yet robbed anyone of a home run:

The Royals had high hopes for Chris Lubanski, who they selected fifth overall in the draft.

Alex Smith had not yet started a game in college.

Jamaal Charles was entering his junior year of high school.

Saddam Hussein had not yet been captured.

Ground had not yet been broken on the Freedom Tower in New York.

AEG had not yet even begun misleading Kansas City about landing an NHL or NBA team for the Sprint Center, which was not yet even a thing. Just a run-down parking lot.

Ned Yost was in his first season managing in Milwaukee.

Darren Sproles and Ell Roberson were about to lead K-State to the Fiesta Bowl.

Jim Woolridge was in the middle of his mediocre run with K-State hoops.

Quin Snyder and Mizzou would be the preseason No. 5 team in the country.

Gary Pinkel had not yet coached Mizzou to a bowl game.

Bill Self had not yet coached a game (as head coach) at Kansas.

Kansas was coming off a double-digit loss football season with a large head coach, so, well, not EVERYTHING is different.


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