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Your 2013 Chiefs, Part 2: Results from second half of season

07/11/2013 12:40 PM

07/22/2013 4:06 PM

So yesterday we told you with lockdown certainty how the Chiefs will do in their first eight games this season. That’s the power of technology, working for you. Some of you are unhappy with how the first eight games will go, and have let me know in emails.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that most of the feedback is saying I’m too pessimistic here, that the Chiefs will surely win at Philadelphia and Tennessee so, whattaya know, that makes them at least 6-2.

One guy even suggested I ask my dog for advice, which is a great idea, except she pretty much goes along with whatever I say.

I understand the temptation, but guys, you can’t just pretend that 2-14 didn’t happen. This isn’t my favorite thing to do, but let me quote myself:

“but imagine yourself a Jags or Browns fan - you're probably looking forward to playing the Chiefs, too.”

Obviously, the same could be said if you imagine yourself a Titans fan, or Eagles fan, or Raiders fan^, or whatever.

^ Problem, of course, is it’s hard to imagine yourself as anything when you’re grunting in front a mirror, grinding out another four arm curls before your next 20-minute break.

Anyway, we pick up at the season’s halfway mark and the Chiefs are 4-4. You can see the whole thing


, but the Chiefs have beaten the Jags, Cowboys, Raiders and Browns, and lost to the Eagles, Giants, Titans and Texans.

Let’s finish the season:

Week 9 at Bills

The skinny: This game has been sports’ equivalent of a bloodbath two years in a row, the Bills winning by a combined 52 points in Kansas City two years ago and in Buffalo last year. This is one of those good milemarkers about just how crappy the Chiefs have been, because the Bills have been 6-10 each of the last two seasons. The Chiefs have made Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Joe Montana, and you sort of wonder if they’ll do the same thing now with Kevin Kolb.

The pick: 28-17 Bills.

The record: 4-5, so progress?

Week 11 at Broncos

The skinny: Denver is unquestionably the division’s best team and, really, we’re a Rahim Moore whiff away from a very different life for Joe Flacco and a very different Super Bowl last year. Denver won this game 38-3 last year. The Chiefs essentially quit, that was the last game of the year, everyone knew what was coming, all that stuff, but still. The Chiefs will be coming off a bye week, so maybe that helps, but let’s be realistic.

The pick: 34-14 Broncos.

The record: 4-6, and let’s just move on.

Week 12 vs. Chargers

The skinny: This will be Philip Rivers’ eighth season as a starting quarterback, which means the eighth year some people will pretend he’s really awesome even as he’s thrown 35 interceptions the last two years.

The pick: 27-17 Chiefs.

The record: 5-6, and they’re not out of it yet.

Week 13 vs. Broncos

The skinny: Pretty sweet of the NFL to give the Chiefs two games against the Broncos in a three-week span. The Chiefs actually kept it relatively close (17-9) against Denver last year, and it’s the NFL so you never know what can happen, but

The pick: 31-20 Broncos.

The record: 5-7, and at least there aren’t banners flying over the stadium.

Week 14 at Washington

The skinny: Even on the scale of ridiculousness that is picking an NFL season game-by-game, this one is tough because, honestly, how sure can you be that either starting quarterback will still be the starting quarterback? Robert Griffin is coming off an ugly knee injury, and Alex Smith has only started more than 10 games in two of his seven seasons.

The pick: 24-13 Washington.

The record: 5-8, and we’re inventorying the season’s progress.

Week 15 at Raiders

The skinny: We mentioned yesterday that the Chiefs haven’t beaten the Raiders at home in seven years, since 2006, which is nuts but so is this: the Chiefs are 8-2 in Oakland since 2003. That includes a loss last year. But, more than all that, I just think the Raiders are going to stink this season.

The pick: 21-13 Chiefs.

The record: 6-8, so at least there’s that.

Week 16 vs. Colts

The skinny: If you look at indicators like point differential and record in close games and year-to-year jumps in win total, the Colts are a prime candidate for a significant fall back from last year’s 11-5 playoff run.

The pick: 27-21 Chiefs.

The record: 7-8, and a shot at going .500.

Week 17 at Chargers

The skinny: A road game with (presumably) no playoff possibilities to finish the season has all the ingredients of a letdown. The Chargers aren’t anything special, but again, the Chiefs went 2-14 last year. Their biggest problems were incompetency from the quarterback and head coach positions, which have obviously both been addressed, but it’s hard to expect much more of a jump than five wins.

The pick: 28-17 Chargers.

The record: 7-9, and overall, a nice step back toward respectability.


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