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I meant to write about Jamaal Charles but all that came out was a bunch of stuff about the Royals

08/11/2014 9:03 AM

08/11/2014 11:00 AM

Well, obviously the big thing around here is that the Royals have become, somehow, the hottest team in baseball.

The whole thing really is crazy, with the Royals legitimately having bigger goals than the wild card.

A few numbers before we get to a blog post about Jamaal Charles:

The Royals’ playoff odds, according to 43.3 percent.

According to Baseball Prospectus: 47.8 percent.

According to and, I promise, this is not a typo: 59.2 percent.

The Royals’ offense before the front office sat out the trade deadline and Eric Hosmer got hurt: .262/.312/.374 and 4.0 runs per game.

The Royals’ offense after the front office sat out the trade deadline and Hosmer got hurt: .281/.320/.430 and 5.1 runs per game.

Billy Butler since July 26: .377/.389/.717 with six doubles and four home runs in 53 at bats.

OK, now I’ll get to that stuff about Jamaal Charles.

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