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KU basketball and Missouri, K-State football score high in latest Academic Progress Rates

05/14/2014 11:19 PM

05/14/2014 11:19 PM

Kansas’ men’s basketball team and the Missouri and Kansas State football programs posted conference-leading scores Wednesday when the NCAA released its annual Academic Progress Rates.

The APR measures progress toward graduation by players, and teams are required to maintain a score of 930 or higher to avoid penalty. All teams from Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Missouri State, UMKC and Wichita State met and exceeded the NCAA standard.

Four programs from Missouri and Kansas State received NCAA Public Recognition Awards for maintaining APRs in the top 10 percent nationally. Two KU programs — men’s basketball and volleyball, which both posted perfect scores of 1,000 — also received public recognition. Including football, five K-State teams led the Big 12 in APR.

Missouri’s football team is the only Southeastern Conference program to receive a second consecutive NCAA Public Recognition Award. The Tigers’ score of 980 tied for the SEC lead with South Carolina.

Only eight Football Bowl Subdivision programs — Duke (992), Northwestern (991), Wisconsin (989), Utah State (988), Boise State (988), Stanford (984), Clemson (983) and Boston College (981) — boast a better APR.

Nebraska and Rutgers matched Missouri and South Carolina with a 980 APR.

MU women’s swimming and diving (1,000), women’s indoor track and field (998) and women’s outdoor track and field (998) also received public recognition.

KU’s basketball team, which received an NCAA Public Recognition Award for the seventh straight season for maintaining an APR that ranks in the top 10 percent nationally, tied for the top of the Big 12 in men’s basketball with Texas. Kansas State tied for third with West Virginia at 974.

KU’s volleyball team tied with Texas at the top of the Big 12. Kansas State was fifth at 989.

Kansas State met and exceeded the NCAA’s multiyear standard in all sports for the fourth straight year.

K-State led the Big 12 in football (968), men’s golf (1,000), women’s golf (1,000), men’s cross country (1,000) and women’s cross country (1,000). The latter four programs received public recognition from the NCAA.

Four UMKC teams led the Western Athletic Conference in APR: volleyball (995), women’s cross country (992), men’s golf (991) and men’s basketball (966).

The Oklahoma State football team was penalized with a practice reduction after posting a score of 929. The Cowboys reportedly will be forced to skip one practice per week by the NCAA for one year.

Area Division I college APR scores
Kansas APR
Women’s volleyball 1,000
Men’s basketball 1,000
Women’s cross country 994
Softball 985
Women’s rowing 984
Men’s cross country 984
Women’s golf 980
Men’s golf 979
Women’s tennis 977
Women’s swimming 970
Women’s basketball 969
Women’s track, outdoor 967
Women’s track, indoor 967
Women’s soccer 965
Football 959
Men’s track, indoor 954
Baseball 952
Men’s track, outdoor 950
Kansas State APR
Women’s golf 1,000
Women’s cross country 1,000
Men’s golf 1,000
Men’s cross country 1,000
Women’s volleyball 989
Women’s basketball 985
Men’s basketball 974
Women’s rowing 971
Football 968
Men’s track, outdoor 956
Women’s track, outdoor 954
Baseball 954
Women’s tennis 952
Men’s track, indoor 950
Women’s track, indoor 949
Missouri APR
Women’s swimming 1,000
Women’s track, outdoor 998
Women’s track, indoor 998
Women’s golf 994
Softball 994
Men’s swimming 993
Men’s golf 993
Women’s gymnastics 992
Women’s cross country 991
Men’s cross country 991
Women’s volleyball 989
Women’s soccer 987
Women’s basketball 987
Women’s tennis 984
Baseball 981
Men’s track, outdoor 980
Football 980
Men’s track, indoor 979
Men’s wrestling 977
Men’s basketball 969
Missouri State APR
Women’s volleyball 995
Women’s golf 991
Men’s soccer 987
Men’s golf 980
Women’s soccer 978
Softball 976
Women’s swimming 975
Women’s cross country 975
Field hockey 975
Men’s swimming 974
Women’s basketball 967
Women’s track, outdoor 957
Women’s track, indoor 953
Men’s basketball 950
Baseball 943
Football 932
Women’s volleyball 995
Women’s cross country 992
Men’s golf 991
Women’s basketball 987
Women’s tennis 984
Women’s track, outdoor 976
Men’s cross country 975
Women’s golf 972
Women’s track, indoor 971
Softball 971
Men’s track, outdoor 970
Men’s soccer 970
Men’s track, indoor 967
Men’s basketball 966
Men’s tennis 961
Women’s soccer 960
Wichita State APR
Women’s volleyball 1,000
Women’s golf 1,000
Men’s golf 992
Women’s cross country 990
Women’s track, outdoor 979
Softball 979
Women’s track, indoor 978
Women’s tennis 976
Women’s basketball 974
Baseball 974
Men’s track, indoor 970
Men’s cross country 970
Men’s tennis 967
Men’s basketball 961
Men’s track, outdoor 960


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