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March 13, 2014

Test your Big 12 tourney IQ with Thursday’s trivia quiz

Think you know a thing or two about the Big 12 men’s basketball tournament? See how you fare in our second daily Kansas City Star Big 12 Tourney Trivia Quiz. (Come back Friday for our final installment.)

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With the 2014 Big 12 men’s basketball tournament hitting full stride today at the Sprint Center, we bring you the second chapter of our three-part trivia quiz.

Ace yesterday’s test? Bomb out and do poorly? Play hooky and not take it at all because it was so nice outside? No matter; here’s your chance to double your success/make amends/join the fun.

As was the case Wednesday, a link to the answers awaits at the end.

Good luck, and happy hooping!



Can you name the four current Big 12 coaches who played for Big 12 schools?



A current TV commentator holds the record for most assists in one Big 12 tourney. Who is he?



How about most career double-doubles in the Big 12 tournament?



True or false: A K-State player had high points and rebounds in last year’s tourney.



The last Most Outstanding Player for the tourney who was not from KU or MU was ______in ____.



Finish this sentence: The last time the Big 12 tourney was not held in KC was ____.



Kansas has made the NCAA tournament every year since the formation of the Big 12 in 1996-97 (17 times). Who’s second, among current Big 12 members?



Who still holds the record for most rebounds in a Big 12 tourney game?



The best-attended Big 12 tournament took place at Kemper Arena in _____.



What’s the proper name given to the TCU Horned Frogs’ mascot?

Click here for today’s answers.

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