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March 3, 2014

Missouri QB Trent Hosick helps rescue men after truck flips on I-70

Trent Hosick, a former Staley High School quarterback who this spring hopes to battle for the starting job on the Missouri Tigers, helped two men out of a wrecked truck after an accident Sunday along snowy eastbound Interstate 70.

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After a weekend home with his family, former Staley High quarterback Trent Hosick

departed Sunday afternoon for the University of Missouri, where he hopes to battle for the starting quarterback position this spring. The roads were so treacherous, though, that he considered pulling over to wait out the snowstorm.

Two men are thankful he didn’t.

While driving eastbound on Interstate 70, Hosick said he saw a large black truck flip over in the left lane, spin a couple of times and then settle upside down.

After pulling over to the shoulder, Hosick said he ran to the car, kicked out the passenger window and helped two men out of the truck. Neither had apparent injuries other than minor cuts, said Hosick, in his third semester at MU.

“This huge, jacked-up, black truck passes me going about 60 (miles per hour), and I was thinking, ‘They must know something I don’t know, because that looks awfully unsafe to me,’ 

” said Hosick, who added that he was driving 35 mph in the right-hand lane. “A minute and a half later, I’m watching as they go under an overpass and the truck starts flipping around. It was unbelievable.”

Hosick, who was the victim of a serious car accident in 2007, said that when he reached the truck, one passenger was unsuccessfully attempting to bust out the window with his elbow. Hosick instructed the man to cover his face and then shattered the window with a couple of hard kicks.

“I could hear someone pounding on the window, so I knew right away at least someone was still alive,” Hosick said. “As soon as I kicked it in, we got the seat belts unfastened, and I could help pull them out.”

By the time the incident was over, Hosick said, a line of cars had formed on the side of the road.

“I’d like to think anyone else would have done the same thing,” Hosick said. “I just happened to be the first one there, and I’ve got a strong leg.”

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