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Rules changes lead to more points in college basketball this season

02/10/2014 5:31 PM

02/10/2014 5:38 PM

College basketball’s rules changes are having the desired impact. Offensive numbers in NCAA Division I are running ahead of last year’s pace.

That wouldn’t have been difficult. Based on average points per game by team, the 2012-13 season was the lowest scoring since 1952, when the sweeping hook shot was a popular scoring weapon.

Less contact by way of following rules to the letter of the law has been enforced, and although whistles are being blown more frequently, points are more abundant.

The NCAA released the averages on Monday, and scoring is running about 6 percent higher this season. Teams are averaging 71.68 points, compared to 67.64 through the same time a year ago.

Here’s a breakdown of per game averages:

Category 2012-13* 2013-14** Pct. change
Points per game 67.64 71.68 up 5.97%
Field-goal percentage 43.29 44.37 up 1.08%
Three-point percentage 33.98 34.64 up 0.66%
Free throws attempted 19.75 22.76 up 13.22%
Personal fouls 17.67 19.29 up 9.17%
Turnovers 13.30 12.51 down 8.01%

*through Feb. 10, 2013

**through Sunday


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