Frank Haith talks white suits, Phil Pressey

01/25/2014 7:04 AM

01/25/2014 7:04 AM

The first time Rick Pitino wore a white suit during the annual Coaches vs. Cancer Whiteout weekend, he got killed for it on ESPN


Missouri coach Frank Haith said Friday at his weekly press conference that he won’t subject himself to similar ridicule.

“Coach Pitino has worn white suits, (but) I don’t know if I’d look good in a white suit,” Haith joked.

Still, he’s proud to be part of the annual benefit, which legendary Tigers coach Norm Stewart helped found.

“It’s a pretty important thing, and I’m proud of what the NABC and college basketball has done to continue to draw awareness,” Haith said.

Among other talking points from the press conference, Haith said he was proud of the strides former Missouri guard Phil Pressey has made with the Boston Celtics.

Pressey, who left the Tigers after his junior year, scored 20 and made five of six three-pointers Wednesday in his second NBA start.

“I talked to him his first start,” Haith said. “He excited and I’m happy for Phil. Obviously, coaching him for two years was a blessing, and I’m truly happy for him.

He’s putting himself in position to have a really good career


Pressey, who has 101 assists and only 31 turnovers, averaged 11.3 minutes in his first 35 games, putting up 1.5 points with two assists. He shot 24.4 percent, including 14.3 percent from three-point range.

During the last five games, Pressey has averaged 25.5 minutes, putting up 6.0 points and 6.2 assists. His shooting percentages bumped up to 36.7 overall and 43.8 from three-point range.


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