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July 31, 2013

Blue Springs twins earn Mizzou offer

Blue Springs coach Kelly Donohoe expects junior defensive tackles Khalil and Carlos Davis to earn several scholarship offers over the next two years.

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Aside from the tiny mole that rests on Khalil Davis’ upper lip, Blue Springs coach Kelly Donohoe has a tough time telling Davis and his twin brother, Carlos, apart.

The twin defensive tackles, who are entering their junior seasons at Blue Springs, stand about the same height (6 feet 3), weigh about the same (270 pounds) and boast the same explosiveness that allowed them to be sprinters as eighth graders.

“When they are that size and can move, that’s special,” Donohoe said. “We tested ‘em in May, and Carlos ran a 4.73 (40-yard dash) and Khalil ran a 4.67.”

Donohoe added that those were hand times, which are typically faster than the more reliable electronic times. But when you add that kind of speed to their very projectable frames — Donohoe said he could easily see them both weighing 290 one day — it’s easy to see why Missouri assistant Andy Hill recently decided to extend both of them scholarship offers for the Class of 2015.

“You would never believe they were 270 because of the way they carry their weight,” Donohoe said. “They’re just getting started. They will keep getting bigger and stronger and what really stands out about both is how quick and explosive they are. That’s what stood out for Mizzou.”

Donohoe, however, suspects the Missouri offer will be the first of many for the twins, who played fullback and tailback in middle school.

“There’s going to be several (offers),” Donohoe said. “Nebraska has talked to them — they love going up to that Big Red camp. K-State and Kansas will quickly be on board, I assure you. That’s the way it goes.”

Donohoe said the twins, who rotated in at defensive tackle for a team that went 13-1 last season, will be full-time starters in the fall. He is excited to see them start together on the interior of his 4-3 defense, with Carlos playing the under/nose tackle and Khalil playing the over/three-technique tackle.

“As last season went on, you could see them getting better and better and from January through May, they just exploded in terms of size and strength,” Donohoe said. “In the fall they were like 250 to 255 pounds. At the end of May, one was 273 pounds and the other is 267. They both gained about 15 good pounds of muscle.”

The twins managed to gain strength and grow while participating in track, where both reached the Class 4 state meet. Khalil finished second in the discus, while Carlos finished ninth.

But Donohoe is confident their future lies on the football field, though they still have two years of high school ball left. When asked if the twins, who told that their parents don’t want them conducting interviews at this time, have a favorite school, Donohoe said they seem to be big on Nebraska.

“I think deep down, they’ve always kind of grown up Nebraska fans but you never know, it’s early,” Donohoe said. “I’m going to tell them to take their time and get to know strength coaches and see the facilities and the living quarters at each school. But they’ll be excited about the Missouri offer, and Coach Hill did a great job of offering first.”

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