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MU’s James Franklin clarifies answer about rude comments from fans

07/16/2013 6:42 PM

07/16/2013 6:42 PM

Missouri quarterback James Franklin found himself at the center of a small controversy at the Southeastern Conferences Media Days on Tuesday.

Shortly before he was set to meet with the print media in the afternoon at the Wynfrey Hotel, some tweets began circulating that Franklin, in a TV interview session, had called out Missouri fans as the rudest in the SEC.

Heres a quick replay: After Franklin was told that MU receiver LDamian Washington had said earlier that some of the SEC fans particularly South Carolinas had been on the rude side last season, Franklin was asked the following (as best I can tell

from this video


What are some of your reactions from your first season in the SEC and some of the fans?

Here was Franklins answer:

Well actually, probably the rudest fans that I experienced were Mizzou, my own fans, Franklin said, chuckling. Once I kind of did that, they were not saying some not-so-nice things to me. I really dont try to pay attention to that stuff, but just for the books, Id say I heard some pretty not-so-nice comments from my own fans. But football is football, everyone can say what they want to, it doesnt mean that its always true. You just have to do your best and not focus on that (or) worry about that and try to play your game.

Franklin later explained the statement to the print media.

They asked me a question, Franklin said later to print reporters. They said What was the rudest comment you got all season, and who was it by? And then I said The rudest comment was actually by (one of) my own fans, a Mizzou fan. I didnt say what it was, because it was pretty bad. And that, I guess has gone viral.


Someone mentioned it to me on the way over here, and I was like Oh man, Im going to be in trouble, now, Franklin said with a laugh.