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Bill Hancock breaks hip in Italy as BCS playoff issues approach

03/22/2013 12:26 PM

05/16/2014 9:36 PM

BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock has a busy calendar. Next week is the deadline for bowls interested in submitting proposals to host the national semifinals and other bowls played in the reconfigured postseason. There’s the matter of identifying the selection committee for the playoff.

But at the moment, Hancock’s priority is to get out of a hospital in Italy with a new hip.

Hancock and his wife, Nicki, of Prairie Village, were accompanying their daughter-in-law Karen and granddaughter Andie on a tour of Italy when the accident occurred on Thursday morning.

After purchasing tickets to go into the tower of Pisa, Hancock lost his footing, fell down three steps and broke his femur. He actually walked some 150 yards with the help of a cane, and wanted to continue on the tour, before the group’s tour guide insisted he go to the hospital.

Hip replacement surgery took place later in the day, Nicki Hancock said. He’ll be in the hospital for eight or nine days.

“The surgery went well and he's beginning the recovery process,” she said in an email message. “He's pretty uncomfortable right now but he's joking with the nurses and doctors.”


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