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KU’s Weis puts focus on Wildcats

10/01/2012 5:31 PM

05/16/2014 7:51 PM

KU coach Charlie Weis began his week on Monday morning by logging onto his Twitter account and firing off a few breakfast-time tweets. The Jayhawks were just five-plus days away from traveling to play Kansas State on Saturday morning, and Weis, it appeared, wanted to start the week off right.

“Teaching players the history of KU vs K-State,” Weis wrote. “More time was spent on Missouri in the past. Time to focus on our instate rival. They do!”

Of course, it also wasn’t the first time this season that the KU-K-State rivalry has played out in the Twitter world. A few hours later on Monday morning, during the weekly Big 12 coaches’ teleconference, Weis was having to answer a question about a tweet from a Kansas player that made waves last week.

Junior defensive lineman Keba Agostinho, in a Twitter message that was later deleted, noted that KU led K-State by sizeable margins in the all-time series in football and men’s basketball.

Agostinho punctuated his tweet by adding: “…More like an [rear] whoopin than rivalry.”

Weis has generally appeared to give his players a certain degree of freedom on social media — a strategy that stands in contrast to former KU coach Turner Gill, who banned Twitter during the season. That said, Agostinho’s message didn’t sit well.

“We don’t tell players what to say,” Weis said. “We really profess using common sense. And for any player, or any coach to get on Twitter and say anything at all disrespectful to another team, just makes no sense.”

Of course, the Twitter missteps may suggest that KU, 1-3, is keying up even more for seventh-ranked Kansas State, 4-0, which has dismantled the Jayhawks over the past two seasons.

“When I got here,” Weis said, “Everyone — it always was Kansas-Missouri, Kansas-Missouri…

“But at Kansas State, it was, ‘Let’s go beat Kansas.’ And the last three years they’ve laid a pretty good whooping on us.”

This week, Weis says, the old ways must change.

“Kansas,” he said, “has to focus in on having that same fire and intensity toward the in-state rival.”

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