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K-State's big nonconference home game, Bruce Weber's first pitch and more

09/06/2012 4:15 PM

05/16/2014 7:38 PM

How rare is it for a major team from outside the Big 12 Conference to come to Bill Snyder Family Stadium for a football game?

Pretty rare.

When Miami takes the field on Saturday, the Hurricanes will be the sixth nonconference opponent from a BCS league to play the Wildcats in Manhattan since 1988.

The others were: Iowa in 1988, Minnesota in 1994, USC in 2002, Louisville in 2006 and UCLA in 2010. K-State also hosted Cincinnati in 1996, but it didn’t join the Big East until 2005. So the Bearcats don’t count. Neither does Central Florida, which K-State defeated in 2010 and is on its way to the Big East as well.

Snyder only coached the Wildcats in three of those games. Stan Parrish coached against Iowa and Ron Prince coached against Louisville.

Everyone knows challenging games are not part of Snyder’s scheduling philosophy. He will agree to them every now and then (a home-and-home series against USC being the main example), but when he does he refers to them as “weak moments.” He would rather face less challenging opponents at home to give his team the chance to pick up easy wins and gain experience before heading into conference play.

Snyder was asked earlier this week if he thought fans will appreciate a name opponent like Miami coming to Manhattan for a nonconference game. His reply:

“They probably appreciate it more if you win and less if you lose,” Snyder said. “It was another weak moment. I have them more frequently now. The outcome probably determines the value of having Miami or anyone else here of name stature.”

Snyder didn’t actually schedule the home-and-home series with Miami. Prince set that up along with several other ambitious games against Auburn, Oregon, Virginia Tech, UCLA and Louisville. K-State was able to cancel the games against Oregon and Virginia Tech, but played the others. Auburn will come to Manhattan in 2014.

So, if you enjoy watching K-State host big nonconference games, enjoy Saturday. They don’t come along very often.

Kansas State basketball coach Bruce Weber threw out the first pitch at Kauffman Stadium last night. Looks like he had pretty good form.

Alas, his throwing motion wasn’t enough to motivate the Royals to victory. They fell behind the Texas Rangers early and went on to lose 7-6.


For those who like the K-State Mask videos, here is his latest offering: