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KU's Robinson stands tall at the combine

06/09/2012 1:57 AM

05/16/2014 6:42 PM

The height question has finally been answered.

Former Kansas All-American Thomas Robinson, a projected top-five pick in this year's NBA Draft, measured in at 6 feet 7 ¾ (without shoes) at the NBA Draft Combine this week. With shoes, Robinson measured 6 feet 8 ¾.

This isn’t unexpected, of course. In the past couple weeks, Tyshawn Taylor and Bill Self both said they expected Robinson, who was listed at 6 feet 10 at Kansas, to measure in at, or close to, 6-foot-8 at the combine.

But Robinson, in fact, may have helped himself in the measurement department. It’s likely that few teams expected Robinson to measure up to 6 feet 10. He did, however, shake any speculation that he is closer to 6 feet 6 or 6 feet 7, wherever that came from.

In addition, his wingspan was recorded as 7 feet 3 ¼, the eighth best at the combine. Robinson’s height may not be his greatest asset, but he is tall enough to play the power forward in the NBA. And with the NBA Draft less than three weeks away, and teams still making up their minds, that’s important.

Robinson also made news at the combine for a comment he made in reference to Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis, the likely No. 1 overall pick to New Orleans. 

While meeting with reporters, Davis wore a T-shirt that read, "Check My Stats." 

"If you wanted to check the stats, then I'd be the No. 1 pick easily -- if that's what you want to do," Robinson told reporters. "I should get one of those shirts. I'll get a shirt that says, 'Numbers don't lie.' "

So let's go to the scorebook: Robinson averaged 17.7 points and 11.9 rebounds last season while leading KU to the NCAA title game. Davis, meanwhile, recorded 14.2 points, 10.4 rebounds and 4.7 blocks, the most in the NCAA.   

(In case you were wondering, Davis has been measured at 6 feet 9 1/4 (without shoes) and 6 feet 10 1/2 (with shoes). His wingspan is 7 feet 5 1/2.)   

It appears all but certain that Robinson won't go ahead of Davis. But Robinson said he wouldn't necessarily hold any grudges against teams that pass on him on draft night.

"I'm going to go after every team that I step on the floor against," Robinson said. "There's really not going to be a specific team that I'm going to point out and just try to kill. I'm trying to kill everybody."  

Meanwhile, former KU guard Tyshawn Taylor was measured at 6 feet 2 ¾ (without shoes) and 6 feet 4 (with shoes) at the combine. His wingspan was measured at 6 feet 6 1/4. 

Other measurements:  

Thomas Robinson

Weight: 244

Body fat: 5.0 percent

Hand length: 9.75

Hand width: 10.50 

Tyshawn Taylor

Weight: 177 pounds

Body fat: 4.2 percent

Hand length: 8.75

Hand width: 8.75  



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