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August 26, 2014

No more beards and mullets for Mizzou football players

Missouri’s Evan Boehm and Maty Mauk, along with any other Tigers willing to join, had planned to grow bushy beards with epic mullets during the 2014 season. However, the coaching staff put the kibosh on the “Beards and Mullets” movement ahead of the Aug. 30 season opener.

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Only a few months into the Beards and Mullets movement, Missouri junior center Evan Boehm pronounced the undertaking dead Monday during football media day at the Mizzou Athletics Training Complex.

Together with sophomore quarterback (and best pal) Maty Mauk, Boehm, a Lee’s Summit West graduate, hatched a bold dream during the spring, sowing the seeds of an unkempt, hirsute revolution.

However, the Tigers’ coaching staff, led by associate head coach/quarterbacks coach Andy Hill, snuffed out that dream while still in its crib.

“It’s dead,” Boehm declared, adding that he and Mauk have known for some time that the Beards and Mullets movement was on borrowed time.

Of course, that allowed the offensive line group to call a fuzzy audible.

“Coach Hill kept on telling Maty that the beards and mullets wasn’t going to happen,” Boehm said. “We were trying to push it and we were trying to push it, but he stuck with the answer no. Out of respect to coach Hill and the coaches not wanting Maty to do the beards and mullets, the offense line decided — besides (junior right tackle) Connor (McGovern) — to grow the beards out and shave their head.”

Still, Boehm took a moment to mourn a movement lost to the annals of terrible-hairstyle history.

“It disappointed me,” Boehm said. “It really did. But you know what, you have to respect what the coaches say and do what the coaches say. I think this new look looks just as good as the beards and mullets does.”

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