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August 23, 2014

Cavaliers team store won’t make fans keep their Andrew Wiggins jerseys

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ team store reportedly sent a letter to fans who bought an Andrew Wiggins jersey offering the opportunity to get their money back or exchange it.

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You may recall that earlier this month, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ team store discontinued sales of Andrew Wiggins’ jersey.

It made perfect sense, because Wiggins was expected to be traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves as part of deal that would bring Kevin Love to Cleveland.

Before the trade could be announced, there was that pesky NBA-mandated waiting period after Wiggins signed his contract with the Cavaliers. The wait is over and the trade is finalized, so all those Cavaliers fans who bought a Wiggins jersey now have a collector’s item.

Unless they want to trade it. This tweet shows a letter from the Cavaliers team store to someone who purchased a Wiggins jersey:

Wiggins, the former Kansas star, was the first overall pick in this summer’s NBA draft.

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