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Royals fan races onto field and (momentarily) eludes capture with fancy footwork


05/24/2013 8:32 AM

05/16/2014 8:08 AM

As the Royals were headed to their 13th loss in their last 17 games Thursday night, one fan did his part to liven up the crowd at Kauffman Stadium.

Too bad his fancy juke move that eluded a police officer would only help the Chiefs. Well, maybe he could pinch run.

In the bottom of the eighth, the fan dashes across the middle of the diamond, and all in one move, slides on the pitcher’s mound to avoid the officer, steals the rosin bag and pops back up to his feet.

With the officer on the ground after his missed tackle, the fan runs toward home plate with the rosin bag held up in celebration. The crowd roars.