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Vahe Gregorian

For one Staley senior, an extended family made a return to football, and much more, possible

As LeAnn Cruce gazed down from the stands at some 200 young football players from Blue Springs and Staley High, she thought about how every one of them probably has faced something difficult to contend with in life. She knows about one of these stories for sure: Staley’s Kyle Cambrice, a senior linebacker who doesn’t know his birth father and essentially was abandoned by his mother along with his older brother at a year old.

Judging the Royals

Royals endure a second-inning breakdown

Here’s what we’re going to do: last night I went out to dinner (my first Friday night off since March) and my son Paul watched the Royals-Red Sox game live. He then wrote what follows. Saturday morning I got up and watched the plays he wrote about and then wrote what I saw. I figure it’s kind of like watching a traffic accident and getting the witnesses to describe what happened and a traffic accident is a pretty good metaphor for the bottom of the second inning.

Kansas City Deals

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