Don't Kill The Mellinger

Twitter Tuesday: the Royals are in the freaking World Series

I’ve typed stories about sports every day for most of the last month or two. Once, I even typed a story about sports the day after a friend’s bachelor party, and did this WITHOUT eating Chipotle. As I type these words, there is a cut on my thumb from the other day, when I was chopping onions.

Ball Star

Replay: World Series Q&A with The Star’s Andy McCullough

It’s World Series time in Kansas City, and we’ll be holding live chats every day on Andy McCullough, the Royals beat reporter for The Kansas City Star, and Marcos Breton, who covers the Giants as a Sacramento Bee columnist, answered the first round of questions Monday ahead of Tuesday’s World Series game one (7:07 p.m. Central on Fox).

Don't Kill The Mellinger

Frank White and the Royals: a silly Cold War

This Sam Mellinger column appeared in the July 12, 2013 editions of The Kansas City Star, but it’s just as relevant as the Royals play in the World Series for the first time since 1985. The feud between franchise icon Frank White — who has only recently returned to Kauffman Stadium, as a fan, since his public fallout with the team more than two years ago — and the Royals is petty and unbecoming of each side.

Judging the Royals

Notes from the Royals’ off-day workout

The Royals held an off-day workout Sunday. I’ve been told that these are mandatory, even if teams don’t want to do one. At this point in the season, most players don’t need more batting practice. What the workouts provide is another opportunity for the media to take pictures, get quotes and write stories. It’s just one more reason for the players to dislike the media: We can even screw up a player’s day off.

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