Fishing report for June 12

06/11/2014 12:47 PM

06/11/2014 5:54 PM


LONGVIEW: 75 degrees, 58-inch clarity, 3 feet high. Outlook: Longview Lake Marina reports: crappies good to excellent on minnows, jigs off the marina docks, off points, in coves; walleyes good to excellent on minnows, spinners along dam and near old Third Street Bridge; channel catfish good on liver, stink bait along the dam.

STOCKTON: 76 degrees, clear, 2.6 feet high. Outlook: Stockton Lake Guide Service reports: walleyes good on jigs with night crawlers in 12 feet of water off points; crappies very good on crankbaits trolled 15 feet down in 30 feet of water; catfish excellent on night crawlers near inflows; bass fair to good on spinnerbaits, jigs off points and in back of creeks.

JACOMO: 76 degrees, clear, normal. Outlook: Forty Woods Bait and Tackle reports: channel catfish very good on liver in the shallows; bass good on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, plastic worms, night crawlers in the shallows; white bass good on jigs, Road Runners in Sailboat Cove.

BLUE SPRINGS: 72 degrees, clear, 1 foot high. Outlook: Forty Woods Bait and Tackle reports: bass good, catfish fair below the Jacomo Spillway; bluegills very good on crickets, wax worms in the shallows.

SMITHVILLE: 77 degrees, murky, 1.8 feet high. Outlook: Burton’s Bait and Tackle reports: black bass good on Senkos, buzzbaits, Brush Hogs in newly flooded areas; channel catfish excellent on cut bait, night crawlers, in the backs of creeks and along rocky areas; walleyes good on Rat-L-Traps, jigs with night crawlers off main-lake points; white bass fair on jigging spoons, Road Runners on the main lake; crappies poor to fair (a few are being caught in main-lake brush).

BULL SHOALS: 75 degrees, clear, 2 feet high. Outlook: 125 Marina reports: smallmouth bass excellent and largemouth, Kentucky bass good to excellent on spinnerbaits early and on Hot’N Tots later along windy banks; walleyes good trolling bottom-bouncers with night crawlers; catfish excellent on jug lines, trotlines with cut bait in 10 to 15 feet of water.

TABLE ROCK: 74 degrees, off-color, 2 feet high. clear, normal. Outlook: White River Lodge reports: bass very good on green-pumpkin color Wobble Heads or football jigs in 12 feet of water along windy, gravel points and on 8- to 9-inch swimbaits.

TANEYCOMO: very clear, variable power generation. Outlook: Lilleys’ Landing reports: Trophy Area: trout good on green jigs under floats and on size 12 and 14 zebra midges. Below Fall Creek: trout good on air-injected night crawlers or pink and white PowerBait.

NORFORK: 77 degrees, murky, 1 foot high. Outlook: Guide Tom Reynolds of STR Outfitters. com: stripers good on live shad, umbrella rigs with grubs in 30 to 60 feet of water off channels or secondary points; bass good on plastic baits, jig-and-pigs along the banks.

POMME DE TERRE: 76 degrees, clear at dam, murky on north end, 2 1/2 feet high. Outlook: Muskie Guide Service reports: bass good on shallow-running crankbaits; crappies good on jigs or trolling crankbaits in 14 feet of water; walleyes fair trolling crankbaits in 12 to 17 feet of water off rocky points; muskies good on deep-running crankbaits in 20 feet of water.

REED AREA: 76 degrees, dingy, 6 inches high. Outlook: Department of Conservation reports: black bass fair on plastic worms along brush and weed beds; bluegills, redear sunfish fair on worms, small jigs under bobbers; crappies, channel catfish fair.

TRUMAN: 76 degrees, clear, 2 feet high. Outlook: Cody’s Bait and Tackle reports: crappies good on jigs in the Bucksaw area. Below the dam: Cody’s Bait and Tackle reports: crappies good at night on jigs, minnows; white bass, wipers fair on live shad.

LAKE OF THE OZARKS: 78 degrees, clear, 1 foot low. Outlook: Gier’s Bass Pro reports: bass good on plastic worms, jigs in 12 to 17 feet of water off main-lake points and drop-offs; crappies poor to fair (a few are being caught in 15 feet of water in brush); catfish poor to fair (a few are being caught on jug lines, trotlines).


MILFORD: mid-70s, clear, 3 feet high. Outlook: Rick Dykstra reports: wipers, white bass good on jigging spoons, plastic baits the first hour of light along the dam; walleyes good on jigs with night crawlers in 9 to 20 feet of water and on crankbaits trolled along the underwater islands; catfish good on cut bait; bass fair on topwater lures, spinnerbaits, jig-and-pigs, plastic baits.

COFFEY COUNTY: 95 degrees at the hot-water outlet, 81 degrees on main lake, clear, normal. Outlook: Coffey County reports: smallmouth bass good; white bass good; largemouth bass, channel catfish fair.

GLEN ELDER: 76 degrees, murky, normal. Outlook: Wayne’s Sporting Goods reports: catfish good on shrimp, goldfish, large shiners along causeway and inflows.

WILSON: 70 degrees, clear, 5 1/2 feet low. Outlook: Knothead’s reports: smallmouth bass very good on plastic baits, live baits in shallow, rocky areas; stripers fair on black salties, bluegills, slab spoons; walleyes good on jigs with night crawlers in 12 feet of water along rocky points; catfish fair to good on cut bait, minnows in the coves.

PERRY: 78 degrees, fairly clear at the dam, murky on the north end, 3 feet high. Outlook: Bait Hut reports: white bass poor to fair; crappies poor to fair (a few are being caught along banks); catfish good on worms, shrimp along banks.

LA CYGNE: 84 degrees at the hot-water outlet, high 70s midlake, clear, normal. Outlook: Linn County Parks reports: crappies fair; bass good; catfish poor.

MELVERN: 74 degrees, slightly murky, 1 foot low. Outlook: Melvern Marina reports: crappies, walleyes poor to fair; bass good on plastic baits and spinnerbaits along the banks.

TUTTLE CREEK: 75 degrees, murky, 9 feet high. Outlook: Guide Vic Oertle reports: all species poor due to big influx of water. White bass fishing was excellent on jigging spoons along drop-offs before the inflow.

POMONA: 77 degrees, murky, very clear, one-half foot low. Outlook: Lighthouse Bay Marina reports: wipers fair to good on crankbaits trolled on the main lake; catfish good on a variety of baits along the banks.

HERITAGE: 77 degrees, murky, normal. Outlook: Johnson County Park and Rec reports: catfish good on worms in the morning; crappies fair on minnows, worms; bass fair on spinnerbaits, plastic worms, plastic lizards in the morning.

SHAWNEE MISSION: 75 degrees, 1-foot clarity, normal. Outlook: Johnson County Park and Rec reports: catfish good on worms, dough bait, liver along north shore; bass fair on plastic lizards, jigs and spinnerbaits along banks; wipers fair on topwater lures in the morning; crappies fair on worms, minnows in the shallows.

KILL CREEK: 77 degrees, 2-foot clarity, normal. Outlook: Johnson County Park and Rec reports: catfish good early and late on worms, liver; bass fair early and late on plastic worms and plastic lizards; crappies fair on worms, minnows.

WYANDOTTE: 80 degrees, fairly clear, full pool. Outlook: Wyandotte Boats reports: crappies fair on jigs, minnows in 16 to 18 feet of water in main-lake brush; smallmouth, largemouth bass good (but mostly small) on plastic baits in the shallows; channel catfish fair on night crawlers, chicken liver off Library Point and off the pay dock.

HILLSDALE: 76 degrees, murky, one-half foot low. Outlook: Jayhawk Marina reports: walleyes good on jigs with night crawlers in 5 feet of water along edge of flats; catfish good on a variety of baits in the coves.

EL DORADO: 78 degrees, clear, one-half foot high. Outlook: Wildlife, Parks and Tourism reports: crappies fair along banks; walleyes good on crankbaits trolled in 15 to 18 feet of water or drifting jigs with night crawlers; white bass, wipers fair; smallmouth bass good on plastic baits along riprap; flathead catfish fair on trotlines, limblines with panfish; blue catfish good (but small) on cut bait off windy points.

CLINTON: 77 degrees, murky, 3 feet low. Outlook: Clinton Marina reports: all species poor due to heavy rains.

Other area waters

GRAND (Okla.): 77 degrees, murky, 3 feet high. Outlook: Guide Rusty Pritchard reports: white bass good on 1-ounce Bendable Minnows, Go-Go Minnows off Wolf Point in the Elk River and trolling crankbaits near Governor’s Island; crappies fair on Go-Go Minnows in the brush where the water is clear; catfish fair on cut shad in rocky areas and logjams.

WHITE RIVER (Ark.): Clear, low current. Outlook: Gaston’s White River Resort reports: Fly fishing: trout good on green midges, olive-green woolly buggers. Spin fishing: trout good on Thomas Buoyant spoons, red worms, night crawlers. Best fishing has been from the dam to Wildcat.

BEAVER LAKE (Ark.): 76 degrees, clear, high. Outlook: Bailey’s Guide Service reports: stripers good trolling live shad or umbrella rigs with white grubs on the main lake.

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Brent’s best bet

Kansas City-area fishermen don’t have to leave the metro area to find good fishing this week. The action has been at Longview Lake. The big news is that the walleyes are biting, especially along the dam and along the foundation of the old Third Street Bridge. Crappies and channel catfish also are providing plenty of activity.

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