August 22, 2014

Waterfowl seasons set for Missouri and Kansas, giving hunters ample opportunities

Seasons in Missouri, Kansas will be long after near-record nesting season in Canada, northern United States.

Waterfowl hunters in Missouri and Kansas will be able to spend plenty of time in their blinds this fall and winter.

Wildlife commissions in both states set liberal seasons, taking advantage of generous frameworks established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Those federal guidelines came on the heels of an announcement that federal surveys found near-record numbers of ducks in Canada and the northern United States.

In Missouri, commissioners approved a season that was pretty much identical to recent seasons. In Kansas, commissioners voted to set the opener of the Low Plains Late Duck Zone, which gets good participation from hunters in the Kansas City area, back a week from recent years. In that zone, the season will run Nov. 1-Jan. 4 and Jan. 17-25.

Wildlife, Parks and Tourism waterfowl biologists had proposed a season of Nov. 8-Jan. 4 and Jan. 10-25 in the Southeast, trying to give hunters in the north part of that zone more hunting dates before marshes froze. But commissioners altered that framework, saying they were following results of hunter preference surveys.

Here’s a look at the seasons, set in commission meetings late last week:

Missouri ducks

North Zone: Oct. 25-Dec. 23. Youth: Oct. 18-19.

Middle Zone: Nov. 1-Dec. 30. Youth: Oct. 25-26.

South Zone: Nov. 27-Jan. 25. Youth: Nov. 22-23.

Missouri geese

Canadas: Oct. 4-12 and Nov. 27-Jan. 31.

Snow, blue and Ross’ Oct. 25-Jan. 31.

Whitefronts: Nov. 27-Jan. 31.

Kansas ducks

High Plains Zone: Oct. 11-Dec. 8 and Dec. 20-Jan. 25. Youth: Oct. 4-5.

Low Plains Early Zone: Oct. 11-Dec. 7 and Dec. 20-Jan. 4. Youth: Oct. 4-5.

Low Plains Late Zone: Nov. 1-Jan. 4 and Jan. 17-25. Youth: Oct. 25-26.

Low Plains Southeast Zone: Nov. 8-9 and Nov. 15-Jan. 25. Youth: Nov. 1-2.

Kansas Geese

Canada and light geese: Nov. 1-9 and Nov. 12-Feb. 15.

White-fronted: Nov. 1-Dec. 14 and Jan. 17-Feb. 15.

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